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United life is an insurance broker extending expert insurance consultation and brokerage services across the USA online. We are based in Philadelphia but our online network includes companies and policies from across the country. We extend our expert advice, compete for assistance, and promise fast approvals of your policy to save you time and effort.

United Life Team

We are a bunch of dedicated professionals connecting buyers to the insurance companies helping them find policies that best suit their needs. At United Life We are:

  • Cooperative in all our services
  • Understanding in our customer dealings
  • Committed to the highest industry standards
  • Loving our job!

United Life Operations

We at United Life make sure to stay updated with the industry dynamics and apply the efficient and improved processes to our way of work to provide quality and reliable service.

  • Convenience in applying for the insurance policy and delivering the complete approvals to the clients
  • Cooperation in discussing and finding the right policy according to the customer’s needs.
  • Complete Company profiles: we keep complete company profiles, guidelines about their products and plans, and offer complete guidance to our customers regarding the policies available.
  • Consultation to completion of the process: from consultation to application filing and delivery of policy, we remain vigilant and supportive to our customers at every step of the way.

United Life Customer Service

Customers are the primary focus of our business. We make sure that everyone who reaches out to us receives the best of our service and is satisfied with the product they buy in the long-term.

  • Respecting customer’s interests: we respect our customer’s interests and never prefer our personal or business profit over their interests.
  • Consistent with customer’s goals: the policies we recommend are consistent with customer’s goals and needs in the short and long term.
  • Client Satisfaction and replacement policy: We wish our clients to derive complete satisfaction from the product they buy therefore, we recommend replacement products that maximize the interest of the client.

United Life Service Highlights

  • We have the best prices available for you.
  • We have various insurance companies and products for you
  • We do not force our preferences upon you. Buying a product is completely your call.
  • We only assist to make the process easier for you
  • Online Service: You do not need to visit us in person. We can carry on the entire process online and through phone calls.
  • Your information security is of prime importance to us. We follow a strict privacy and security policy in our service.