Understanding the Policy

Your pets are your best friends, your companions, and an integral part of your family. While there is no match for their unconditional love, the best you can do is to get them the finest possible care. And vet visits do not come cheap.

An affordable solution to top-notch veterinary care for your pets is the Pet Insurance Plans. These plans help you pay off the veterinarian bills in time so that you can focus on their treatment and shower your love & affection on your furry friends.

How it works

Pet Insurance policy works like health plans for your pets. It covers the expenses of illness, hereditary conditions, accidents, or surgeries of your pets. You can find a policy that covers some or all of these conditions.  For an affordable monthly premium, you can claim your vet bills for reimbursement. The reimbursement process is usually quick and is processed within 2 days. You can receive up to 90% of your bills in reimbursements.

Conditions Covered by Pet Insurance

a) Vet Visits:

Pet insurance plans would refund the cost of any visits to the veterinarian that you might need be it a cold or a toothache or a gastro problem of your pet. You do however have to bear the cost out-of-pocket and get it refunded later.

b) Accidents:

The most basic form of pet insurance is accidents only which will cover your pets for all kinds of accidents.

c) Hereditary & Congenital Conditions:

Most policies offer coverage against hereditary and congenital conditions such as Breathing issues, hip dysplasia cherry eye or diabetes, etc. If your pet doesn’t have hereditary or congenital conditions, you can opt for a different coverage plan.

d) Cancer:

Regrettably, cancer is becoming very common in aging pets. With the advancement in technology, more and more treatments are also being introduced for pet cancer. However, they can break the bank for the owner. If you have an aging pet, look for a plan that offers cancer coverage and you will not have to make any tough decisions regarding the life of your pet.

Conditions NOT Covered by Pet Insurance

1. Pre-existing Conditions:

Just like other life insurance policies, pre-existing conditions in pets are also not covered by pet insurance. If your cat is old, not a problem but if your aging cat has already been diagnosed with kidney problems when you buy her insurance plan, that cost of treatment will not be covered by the policy. Therefore, its best to buy your pet insurance before they fall ill

2. Wellness Visits:

Most pet insurance plans do not offer wellness visits coverage. Vet visits for a regular checkup, annual exam, or teeth cleaning might not always be covered by pet insurance.