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A cigar, as dignified as it looks, as classy it feels, and as heavenly as it smells; is still a tobacco-based smoke. And smokers may not always find the most affordable life insurance solutions. But thankfully, you have United Life.

What type of life insurance can cigar smokers get?

Despite them being a health risk, cigar smokers can obtain Term life, whole life, no exam term life, guaranteed issue, and instant issue life insurance plans. Contact our licensed professionals for more details

Is the premium for cigar smokers higher?


In the world of life insurance, smokers fall into the tobacco-using, health risk category. This stands true for cigar smokers as well, even if you are an occasional smoker.

Is cigar considered as risky as cigarettes?


Cigar smoke contains higher levels of Nitrosamine, a cancer-causing chemical, is packed with more Tar and also, with non-porous wrapping, has a higher concentration of toxins.

What happens if I quit?

Your premium decreases. You do however have to take some test/exam before applying for the decreased premiums.

How can United Life Help?

From the perspective of insurance companies, smokers are more likely to die at an earlier age than non-tobacco users which can outweigh their profit by having to pay benefits more often. Thus, higher premiums. To find a policy that is worth the price can be tricky. This is why you need the experience and expertise of United Life to find you a plan that considers your specific circumstances to find you the most affordable policy that you can get.

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Rates & Policies

  • Tobacco-Free Rates: While some providers will label you tobacco-user if you ever used, some will be willing to label you tobacco-free after 2 years. Most companies would require you to be non-user for 5 years before labeling you as tobacco-free.


  • Tobacco-user Rates: One of the first questions that insurance providers ask is about smoking. The premium rates for smokers are generally higher than non-smokers.


  • No medical exam rates: Any policy that is offered without a medical exam is by default dearer. And being a tobacco user will add to the price. United Life works with a range of companies and has a good chance to get you a rather less expensive policy. Call us today.