When life gives you lemons…

 If you are one of the 34.2 million Americans who smoke (CDC 2018) you probably didn’t know you could purchase affordable life insurance. But thankfully, United Life is here to help.

Do smokers have to pay higher premiums?


Because smokers are considered more likely to die by most insurance providers. But there are still options where you can get reasonable prices even with your smoking habit.

Can smokers get affordable life insurance?


Many companies that we work with offer reasonable rates for smokers considering other factors. No medical exam policies however cost higher than regular ones. Contact our licensed agents for more info.

When can I get non-smoker rates after quitting?

1 year.

Most companies would classify you as a non-smoker after 12 months of quitting for standard rates. For preferred plus rates, most companies will wait 5 years.

Ratings & waiting period

  • Standard/regular plus: Most companies offer Standard/Regular Plus rates after 1 year of quitting. A medical exam will be required for the most affordable rates.


  • Preferred: For most companies, ‘Preferred’ rates will apply after 2 – 3 years for both medical and no medical exam policies. The coverage ceiling for no medical exam will be no more than $500,000.


  • Preferred plus: Usually, you will be eligible for Preferred-plus rates after 5 years of quitting with some companies starting at 3 years with medical exam required insurance.

How can united life help?

All insurance companies have their internal policies and different standards. While some may give you non-smoker rates after 1 year of waiting, some might want to wait 2, 3, or 5 years. This is why United Life agents can help you do your research and keep a lookout for anything that might not go in your favor. Finding the right one for you requires time and effort.

Our licensed professionals do not just run an internet search to compare rates, but sit with you, understand your circumstances as best as possible and find the perfect solution for your needs by looking into every possible option.

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