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Where full disclosure is the best way, you can still get a policy for no medical exam. But to determine the severity of your condition, the best way is to ensure you have documented all the physician-suggested measures you practice to control your symptoms.

Is it costly?

The price depends on whether your condition is mild, moderate, or severe. Premiums are higher for high-risk applicants. If not controlled, Sleep Apnea can lead to bigger health risks like stroke or heart attack. That’s why you need to show control measures so that insurers know their risk factor.


How can I get lower rates?

You are likely to get a Preferred Plus rating if you have been prescribed using the CPAP machine and use it regularly. The preferred rating means the lowest price. While not using it makes you less insurable meaning a rated health class & higher premiums.

Also, a policy that requires a medical exam is significantly more affordable than the simplified ones without a medical exam. 

Finally, getting insured earlier in life than later can also be the difference in price. With age, most people find their condition aggravates. Age is a major consideration in setting premium and with an aggravated condition, the price will naturally rise.

Ratings & Policies

  • Preferred Plus: Mild to moderate severity, appropriate treatment compliance & no other health risks. Term life, whole life, and all other policies available at the lowest rates.


  • Standard-Table 4: For moderate untreated condition. The price of the ‘Standard’ rating is twice as much as ‘Preferred Plus’. Premium is 50% higher than ‘Standard’ for ‘Table-2’ and double than Standard for ‘Table-4’.


  • Standard: Severe condition but treated receives ‘Standard’ rating in most cases. But every case is different from other factors considered thus, prices shall vary.


  • Decline: In the case of the severe condition and no treatment, the application is likely to be denied.

How can United Life Help?

Sleep Apnea is a condition treated widely differently by different insurance companies. Without having complete knowledge, you may not be able to make the right choice. An experienced professional service like United Life can help you get the best possible deal for you.

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