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Epileptics are classified depending on the severity & frequency of episodes. A good or standard rating qualifies you for affordable premium and good coverage.

Policies Available

Depending on the degree of illness, companies offer Term Life, Whole Life, Instant issue, and guaranteed Issue life insurances. No medical exam term life insurance requires no medical. Guaranteed issue policy is for high-risk candidates, offering lower benefits, higher premiums and comes with a graded period.

How can I get a good plan?

Following through on your treatment is the key to getting a good price. Insurance providers need to be sure that you are doing your best to keep your condition controlled.  A well-documented medical history and proof that you are following through on treatment can get you a good deal. Contact us for further details.

Types and Policies

  • Extremely Well Controlled: Refers to the situation with less than 2 seizures experienced in a year. With a medical review, you can have a Standard - Table 2 rating. This is a low-risk category qualifying you for affordable premiums and higher benefits.
  • Controlled: If you experience a maximum of 5 seizures in a year, your condition is classified as under control but high-risk. After the medical review, you will most likely be placed in Standard to Table-4 rating. A good agent can get you a good price in this rating.
  • Ill Controlled: Anything more than 5 seizures in a year places you in the poorly controlled category. This is an extremely high-risk situation and without a good agent to negotiate, you can even be declined. You will be rated Table-4 where Guaranteed Issue may be your only option.

How Can United Life Help?

Our specialized professional services can help you shop for the best plan while respecting your privacy. You will be walked through the choices available and we can even help you negotiate with underwriters to give you a holistic plan.

Get in touch to learn more.