Hope springs eternal

From term life to guaranteed issue, there is a whole range of policies available. No medical exam policies are offered to anyone with a severe condition. However, they come at a higher premium and lower benefit ceiling.

What if I haven’t been diagnosed?

It’s fairly common to delay diagnosis and treatment but when applying for life insurance, it is better if you are seeing a professional to control symptoms then being officially diagnosed later and getting denied on grounds of being untruthful.

Ratings & Policies

  • Plus rating: Preferred best or plus rating means you are placed in the mild category. You don’t need more than a single medication or any therapy. Your condition poses no risk to your overall health. This rating will get you the best possible rates and benefits.


  • Standard: If you were ever hospitalized, require multiple medications and therapy; you will be labeled as Standard. This is where companies decide that your condition isn’t severe but has some effect. You might have to pay slightly higher premiums in this category.


  • Table rated: Those with severe symptoms and no control measures, are likely to fall into this category. Insurance companies deem this category as high risk and thus offer only expensive choices, and sometimes even coverage is denied.

How Can United Life Help?

Any mental illness will drain your hope leading you to believe there is no way you can get life insurance. That’s why you need a professional service like United Life. 

We work with various insurance companies and help you submit the application after which you take the medical exam or answer some health questions, depending on your choice of policy.

Policies are note written in stone. If your conditions improve, you can always negotiate a better rate later.


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