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The type of policies available to cancer patients depends on the scenario. Current Cancer patients and those in remission within the waiting period can get Guaranteed Issue Life insurance. If you are cancer-free and past the waiting period, you can easily obtain term life or whole life insurance.

Waiting Period

The waiting period is the time in remission, after which you will be declared Cancer-Free. The likely waiting period for most cancers is 1 – 5 years but will also depend on a particular situation.

Are benefits paid if you die of cancer?


Death benefits will be paid if one dies of cancer. The only reason it may not be paid is if you did not disclose your situation when you bought the policy. In the case of Guaranteed Issue policy, benefits are not paid during the Graded period which is usually 2 years. Only premiums paid are refunded with interest.

Types & Policies

  • Cancer patients within the waiting period: The only available option for such patients is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance. It is rather expensive, has a limited ceiling of benefits (typically $40,000), and comes with a graded period of 2 years, during which, beneficiaries will not receive benefits but a premium refund with 10% interest.


  • Cancer patients past waiting period: If you are cancer-free, you can buy a very affordable Term or whole life insurance. Term life is usually recommended to those under 55. After which age, you can go for whole life insurance.


  • Shorter Life expectancy: For someone with life-expectancy of 2-5 years, a guaranteed issue is the only option. Even though, full benefits will not be paid if they die during the graded period.

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