Life moves fast. So should you.

The best thing about Instant Issue life insurance is its swift processing. So much so, that at times you can buy a policy even quicker than you can buy your groceries.

Sometimes referred to as Non-medical Insurance, Instant Issue requires no lengthy medical exam, no lab results to await, no processing and review time, and absolutely no hassle. Equally suitable for both young and old, this type of policy is a perfect fit for anyone in perfect health.

How it Works

My United Life offers a range of policies for anyone in a hurry to get affordable life insurance. Instant Issue life insurance can be obtained through an online application where you have to answer a few simple questions and submit electronically. Your review, processing, and decision will be done instantly. You can also book your policy over the phone and let us fill in your paperwork. Or we can do it good old fashioned way, where you visit our office and leave with a life insurance policy in your hand and a whole lot of stress off your shoulders.


Policy Highlights


  • Quick Processing
  • No medical exam required
  • Excellent benefits despite limited coverage amount
  • Affordability



  • Coverage ceiling may not be too high (Maximum of $500,000)
  • No cash value
  • Slightly more expensive than regular term insurance


Instant Issue policies are for term-based insurance. You can choose your term to be anywhere between 5 – 30 years.

Who is it best for?

Instant Issue Life Insurance is a great fit for people in excellent health conditions. There is no age bracket for suitability in this policy. It can work equally well for students in their 20’s and older people in their 50’s. It will not, however, be a suitable choice for anyone with a history of major medical diseases like cancer or heart conditions or people requiring full-time medical attention. In which case it will be advised to have a full-fledge medical exam and a thoroughly underwritten policy to exact maximum benefits.

Policy Cost

The instant issue term life insurance policy is one of the more affordable policies available. You can have the monthly premium payment set for as low as $15 (depending on the term, coverage amount, and your age). Compared to the regular Term Life Insurance, Instant Issue policy maybe a few pennies more expensive.