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An individual can get a coverage of around 20X of his/her annual income if you have additional assets above your income.

Yes, you can get $50,000 to $100,000 of coverage as final expense insurance even if you are unemployed currently.

It is advisable to buy an individual term life insurance despite group life insurance because group life insurance is usually not portable.

There is no cost for application/. The insurance companies pay for the medical exam is required.

If you wish to replace your current policy, there are certain procedures, and if you are in the state of New York there is an additional hop called Regulation 60. Please ask our agent and they will assist you in the process.

Usually, you can only apply for changes in the coverage amount within 30 days of buying a policy. However, you may decrease the coverage amount and term of the policy at any time.

It depends upon the severity of your medical condition. There are graded benefit and final expense policies available for people with a medical condition. The premiums are also higher for such policies. Please contact our agents for recommended coverage and policy.

Homemaker is covered with the same amount of coverage as their spouse even if they do not have a separate income. That is because if something happens to the homemaker, the income-earning spouse has to take over the responsibilities of child-rearing. The income-earning spouse turning a stay-at-home parent might suffer an income gap that will be covered by the insurance coverage.

Yes, it is a good time to apply for life insurance because pregnant women generally have improved health conditions unless they have any pregnancy-related complications.

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You may use the monthly automatic draft from your checking or savings account option to automate the payments process. Also, you can choose to pay quarterly, semi-annually, or annually through a bill received in your mail on the opted time.