Core values that drive United Life Insurance Group to be at its best!


To seek professional excellence.

United Life Insurance Group motivates every insurance agent on board to seek professional excellence through continuous learning of industry trends, systems, legal processes, changes, or amendments in insurance companies’ policies, legislation, and taxes, etc.

We urge our employees to enhance their interest in personal study and professional pieces of training for this purpose.

We aim to deliver high-quality service to our clients which is why we prepare applications, file them and complete the process efficiently and promptly taking over the burden of finding the best insurance policy off the shoulders of our clients.


Client’s interest over personal benefit

We begin by conducting a thorough discussion with our clients to know which insurance policy would be best in their interests.

We do not aim to draw any personal indirect or direct interest from the plan.

We strive to recommend and seamlessly close in the insurance policy that perfectly suits the needs of the client in terms of premium amount, coverage amount, and riders.

We look for the implementation and completion of the process from start to end facilitating our clients as much as possible.

Replacement Policy

We adhere to the policy that any replacement policy or recommendation by us is for the betterment of the client.

We analyze the effect of replacement policy on the client’s personal, business, financial, and estate-related circumstances.

We compare various plans/policies, discuss the pricing, guarantees, and other clauses with the client, and recommend a replacement if its benefits are greater than the previous policy/plan the client had.

We discuss the significance of suicide and incontestability clauses.

Transparent information regarding insurance policies

We do not aim to misguide our clients or catch them in unfair/hidden clauses in the policies.

Our motive is to provide efficient and transparent information to our clients regarding any policy and insurance company to help them make an informed decision.

We offer complete transparent information regarding insurance policies, premiums, coverage, and other benefits. We also mention the cons and hidden clauses in the policies so that the clients do not get taken away with any misinformation.

We only use the information material that meets compliance standards and that are easily understandable by the client.

We support our recommendations with strong evidence and discuss all the prospects with the clients so that the final decision rests with the client only.

To endorse financial and insurance services through favourable conduct

We aim to give positive vibes to the insurance and financial services by being supportive and truthful about the insurance companies, their policies, and extending a positive image of the industry to the clients.

We speak the truth and avoid fluff to refrain from any misconception held by the client. We do not engage in any illegal activity in or outside the industry.

We do not bash, defame, attack or engage in any adverse publicity of any person or company related to the insurance or financial services.

Abide by all the rules and regulations

We abide by all the rules and regulations of the industry and keep our procedures updated and abreast with the changing regulations.

We maintain proper licensing and work with only licensed firms to keep our credibility with the clients.

The products we recommend are approved and backed by written approvals.

We keep our dealings honest, transparent, and accurate to the extent of our knowledge and skill.

All contractual and moral obligations we make with the insurance and financial companies are fully fulfilled by us.