To protect the most precious part of your life

If you thought life insurance is for old and sick, think again. With multiple options, investment opportunities, and unlimited benefits, life insurance today can be a great investment for people as young as a couple of years old. And the best part, it comes at a much lower cost.

At United Life, we work with only the best companies offering Children Whole Life Insurance Policy providing coverage amount up to $50,000 and a cash value account which grows as your child blossoms into an adult. Using this money to invest further or cash it in for your child’s future is up to you and your young adult.

How it Works

Children’s whole life insurance is offered to children from the age of 2 weeks to 14 years. Some companies also offer it up to 17 years of age. The coverage amount offered is from $5,000 – 50,000 and the rate does not increase with time. There is no medical exam required, no processing time, and a small processing fee. You can withdraw or cancel the policy at any time.


Policy Highlights


  • Lowest possible monthly premium
  • No medical exam required
  • Cash- value accumulation with time
  • No increase in rates over time
  • Option to cancel and cash it in, at any time; if you feel it an unnecessary expenditure.



  • An added expense if you cannot afford it
  • Coverage amount ceiling is fairly low. But then babies do not have dependents as beneficiaries.



Children’s Whole Life Insurance Policy does not mean it will cover the child until death. It only covers the children until they become adults i.e. 18 years of age.

Should You Get Life Insurance for Your Child?

Yes, it’s a win-win.

Where almost all children have a good chance to survive the first 18 years, they fall in the low-risk category for insurance providers and so, they are the most easily qualified candidates for any type of insurance. In addition to that, the monthly premium payment is the lowest possible for children’s policies. AS the babies grow and even if their health begins to get affected, these rates will always stay the same.

Children’s whole life insurance policy also doubles as an investment opportunity. Paying a small amount of premium build cash-value and accumulates interest which eventually will become a small fortune for your child’s college tuition and other financial needs when they turn 18. Also, since it is not primarily an investment policy, the payout will be tax exempted.

The sooner you buy a policy for your child, the longer your child’s cash value will have to grow, and the richer they will be as an adult.

Policy Affordability

The cost of Children Whole Life Insurance Policy is a very affordable solution depending on the age of your child, coverage ceiling, and other factors.