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When it comes to protecting our loved ones, there are no two choices. And you don’t have to spend a ton of money to protect them. Here are some of our most affordable policies that can help you sleep easy, knowing that your loved ones are in good hands.

From term-insurance to whole life; we offer a range of policies as per your needs. You can have multiple policies, cash it in, cancel it, sell it, or even take out loans using it as collateral.

Accidental Death Insurance

The most affordable type of policy is the Accidental Death and Debarment policy. It’s hassle-free, has a minimal premium, requires no medical exam, and provides excellent death benefits in case of death by accident. It is suitable for younger people, frequent travelers, and those with a limited budget.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance policy is the most cost-effective policy, providing coverage for a predefined “term”. It’s simple and has no attached costs. However, it has no cash value account. For families with young children, & insurers being the only source of income, it is an ideal option.

Whole Life and Final Expense Insurance

The whole life insurance policy provides coverage for the entire lifetime of the insurer. It has no expiration date and provides good benefits for the survivors. In most cases, there is also a cash value accumulation with the policy. Recommended for those over 50.

No Medical Exam Insurance

As the name indicates, this policy requires no medical examination but is a quick solution with less paperwork and less processing time. It is highly recommended for middle-aged people in good or average health. It is a more affordable solution than universal or final-expense insurance with excellent coverage amounts.

Return of Premium Insurance

Return of the premium is like the Term Life Insurance, except at the end of the term, you can get a refund of all the premium you paid in full. To cover the costs, we shall charge a monthly fee for the entire term. Therefore, in comparison to Term Life Insurance, it may be slightly more expensive, but the returns are well worth the price.

Universal life Insurance

Universal Life insurance policy is a cash value accumulation policy where a part of your premium payments is apportioned to a cash value account with a guaranteed minimum growth rate of 3%. Good fit for those looking for a policy to last a lifetime and getting cash value.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

A type of policy that insures people with medical conditions that make them unfit for buying a typical life insurance policy. Primarily designed for older people with medical conditions, this policy requires no medical exam, has slightly lower benefits, and costs more than other policies.

Instant Issue Insurance

The instant issue is the policy for anyone who needs it done within hours. You can have your policy underwritten in a day, as per your needs. It may not be the cheapest but is the most time-saving option.