Our Idea

United Life Insurance group started with an idea to facilitate individuals in buying a policy that best meets their needs. As there have been a plethora of financial services in the market and many individuals are unable to compare policies and calculate their future needs; the United Life Insurance Group found it increasingly important to come forward as a trustworthy agent /broker for individuals who find it hard to make an informed decision.

Identifying Life Insurance Problems and Solutions

Buying an insurance policy is usually a difficult decision where there are plenty of policies and insurance companies in the market. Most individuals find it confusing to compare different policies and make a prude decision. They also fear missing out on any essential details and getting trapped in hidden clauses that may have any adverse effect on their financial needs in the future.

United life insurance group identified such problems in the insurance industry and came up with a solution that suits all, consumers as well as insurance companies.

Our Mission

United life insurance group extends its expert consultation/broker services to individuals. Our mission is:

‘to make the buying and selling of insurance policies a convenient and efficient process’

By connecting we do not only mean to connect the buyers with the insurance companies but we also help them in the process of buying the insurance policy from start till the end.

We Have a Policy for Everyone!

Whether you are a businessman, a housewife, a bachelor, or a parent of a special needs child, we have a perfect solution for your insurance needs. You do not have to worry about finding the best policy that offers adequate coverage, long term benefits, and is easy on the pocket. We do all the effort to find you a perfectly suitable policy with every feature you require.

How Do We Do It?

United Life Insurance Group has a systematic approach to insurance policy services. We follow the following simple steps to take up the process:

  • Discuss buyer’s personal, financial and future needs at length
  • Compare different policies for the buyers discussing their pros and cons.
  • Recommend the best policy to the buyer discussing all important clauses, coverage, benefits with the clients.
  • Apply for the policy on behalf of the buyer.
  • Complete all the legislation, formalities, and documentation on behalf of the buyer.
  • Close in the deal for the buyer with the insurance company.
  • Deliver the physical and digital policy to the buyer.

Become a Part of United Life Insurance Group

Are you looking for a lucrative career in the insurance industry? We value talent and dedication and welcome individuals who wish to build a promising career with hard work and efficiency. We provide a platform for learning and growth and offer a friendly and supportive work environment.

Are you interested in uniting with the United Life Insurance Group?

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